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    der hunterspreadsheet wird nicht mehr von cheeky im elitist jerks weitergeführt.

    wertez führt diesen sheet weiter und der ist zu erreichen unter:

    so wie die aussage ist soll er denn über wotlk weiter geführt werden. mal schauen wie sich das entwickelt.

    Sauber Leute! Kann leider erst im September InGame Gratulieren. Inet wird am 25.08 freigeschalten. Wenn ihrs ned geschafft hättet bevor ich zurück bin wär ich eh enttäuscht gewesen.

    omg..der dps reicht aber nicht...*fg*...;)

    With engineering being almost useless in PVE aside from the goggles and the repair bot, it seems that Blizzard are buffing engineering and giving them enchants.

    In World of Warcraft before The Burning Crusade was released, engineering was mostly a PVP profession with very little worth for a raider. What made engineering useful in raids was the repair bot.

    In The Burning Crusade, engineers were able to create unique headgear known as goggles that were very useful in both PVP and PVE. Engineers could also make potion injectors to combine 20 potions into one slot to free up bag-space but that was about it.

    Now it seems for Wrath of the Lich King that Blizzard wants to make engineering, a previously almost useless PVE profession, more used in PVE. You will be able to enchant your gloves with an on-use ability known as Hyperspeed Accelerators for 340 haste rating for eight seconds. Furthermore farmers will be happy to hear engineers will receive a Scrapbot that will buy anything for five minutes until he disappears.

    sind auch schon rezepte aufgetaucht für einen mobilen postkasten und was ich ja fast selber nicht glauben kann für einen auctioneer für 10 min bei dem man bieten kann da bin ich ja mal gespannt.

    blizzard verleibt sich die beliebtesten add ons ein:

    The very first few features of the threat meter are here !

    Your % of threat (based on the member of the party with the highest threat on the monster) is now displayed in the scrolling combat text.
    Your % of threat is now displayed in the tooltips of monsters.
    According to the first reports, the threat is just sent to the client without any encoding now, it will be very easy to build mods to display the exact threat of each member of the raid in the future.

    Wrath of the Lich King to be Released in 2008
    Shacknews reported that according to Mike Morhaime (Blizzard Entertainment's CEO), Wrath of the Lich King will be released between October and December 2008.

    "We have said that it will be coming out this year," Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime revealed in a conference call today. "I can tell you it's not coming in the July to September quarter."

    As for the Wrath of the Lich King beta, Morhaime noted that "testing is going very well." During the call, Morhaime also mentioned that 40% of the World of Warcraft subscribers that left for Age of Conan have since returned.

    Drums now cause a Tinnitus effect, preventing affected targets from receiving beneficial effects from other drums for two minutes.

    jop..aber dafür sieht es laut beschreibung so aus das die trommlen jetzt für den ganzen raid funzen udn nicht nur in gruppe.

    sehr cool:

    In the future, Hunters will be able to use Master's Call while stunned.

    und was ich mir schon dachte:

    The exotic pets will be different from normal pets. Ideally they might even be a little bit better, but we're very hesitant to make them too good lest we see every hunter stampede over to the BM tree. Pets are supposed to be something important to all kinds of hunters, and the BM tree already offers some amazing pet buffs and synergy. We just don't want to overdo it with this talent.

    At the very least, the exotic pets will have a new family ability that will ideally be really useful in some situations. I'm making this one up, but imagine that since normal crabs have Pin, an exotic pet might have a Pin-like ability that did fire damage. Or imagine that you could tame a drake (you can't, because they aren't beasts) and that instead of lightning or fire breath, it had frost breath that could freeze an enemy, death knight style. Would this be useful? Probably. Does it make the 51-point talent mandatory? Ideally not. Though those 5 talent points aren't bad....

    As far as what happens if you have an exotic pet and respec, most likely the pet's talents will just reset. Yeah you get a free pet respec out of the deal, but it's not as if it's free since the hunter has to respec. Any exotic pets in the stable won't be lost, but you wouldn't be able to get them out of the stable either. If you have an exotic pet at the moment you respec, then it will probably be dismissed (but not abandoned) and you won't be able to summon it again, forcing you to go swap it into the stable. (Or abandon it if you're THAT kind of hunter.)

    hab auch mal im pet-talent calculator gespielt....die 5 extra punkte sind geil...;)

    wie geil:

    We’re pleased to announce a convenient upgrade to the way that mounts and vanity pets are handled in Wrath of the Lich King.

    Players will be able to “learn” a mount or non-combat pet much like learning a spell, recipe, or new ability, and these creatures will then show up on a new Pet tab within the Character Info section of the interface. Players will be able to access and preview their learned mounts and vanity pets through this tab.

    Once learned, the pet icon or mount icon will no longer appear in bag spaces or bank spaces. This inventory space will be made available once again for other adventuring needs. Pets can still be set to hotkeys by dragging them to the hotkey bar, much like any other spell or ability.


    When your pet gains a level, it will automatically gain a new rank of Growl if one is available at that level. The only thing you really need to manage is which talents to choose... and keeping your spore bat fed and happy. You don't learn skills from (disposable) beasts any longer, and the only thing to do at the Pet Trainer is untalent your pet. (Source)

    We didn't want hunters to have spend a big chunk of talent points just to get pet resistance up to where it is in Burning Crusade. So pets will have some amount of inherent resistance. We're not sure how much that will be yet, but it should be enough that your pet doesn't feel fragile. If you want a truly magic-resistant pet, you can top it off with talents. For now at least the lower ranks of the old resistance skills are just free like Growl and Cower. (Source)

    There are talents in all 3 pet trees that you can invest in if maintaining happiness is a problem (or just annoying) for you. We're also trying to give you a few more options to keep your pet alive, such as more Avoidance and reduced spell damage, and even more ways to heal your pet. Of course you can always choose to focus directly on more damage and hope your pet survives long enough to make good use of it. (Source)

    Think of your pet bar as just shortcuts to your spellbook. It doesn't really matter if an ability is on the bar or not. It can be cast or autocast directly from the spellbook, and unfortunately all new abilities start with autocast defaulted on. This is something we might be able to fix, but in the meantime, peek at your pet's spellbook whenever it gains a level to make sure nothing has changed. Cower can surprise you, because it/si something a lot of players passed on before -- understandably, because even if effective it's not a very fun thing to spend points on, which is why we just give it away now. (Source)

    We haven't done a major pass on threat generation yet for any of the classes. We realize it was very easy in BC for hunters to pull aggro off of their pets. You can probably tell from some of the pet talents (including the ones that just grant more pet dps) that we want pets to be able to hold their own threat against a hunter. This is especially true when it's just you and Bitey out on your own, but ideally a tanking pet with the proper spec will be an effective offtank for 5-player instances, or even a main tank under some circumstances (say a group quest perhaps). (Source)

    so wie es aussieht scheint sich bis zum release ja noch ne menge bewegen zu wollen was das pet angeht...;)